DIY: Baby Sewing Projects


I’m going to be a first-time aunt and godmother and I am very excited! Baby boy is expected in late spring/early summer, so I spent some time this spring sewing a puff quilt for tummy time, some flannel burp cloths, and some baby blocks.


For the blocks, I repurposed a selection of brightly colored upholstery fabric swatches (the kind designers get from companies to show clients). The blocks are three different sizes and are filled with Poly-fil and either an egg-shaped rattle or crinkle noise-making paper. Because the upholstery fabric is thicker than regular cotton fabric, it should stand up to baby drool and teething for quite a while.

Baby puff quilt

Puff quilt for a baby

Puff quilt for a baby

I used my previous experience in making my son a twin-sized puff quilt to design a smaller, baby-sized quilt. I used a mixture of cotton, flannel, and minky fabrics to make it a soft, puffy, sensory experience for the baby.
With a puff quilt, the backing can be made separately and quilted on its own because you don’t quilt the two layers together. That means you can have two quilts in one. I used a different pattern and some additional fabrics for the backing. The hardest part was fussy-cutting the bunnies. When I quilted the backing, I quilted it to some thin batting without having another cotton fabric on the other side of the batting. Once both sides were finished, I sewed the edges together and added the soft, flannel binding.

Quilt for a baby

Close up of quilt for a baby

Burp cloths

Lastly, the burp cloths were inspired by some my mother made when my son was born. They were flannel and super soft and absorbent. I used flannel fabric leftover from the puff quilt and a thin layer of batting to make these for my nephew. First, I sewed it inside-out with a 1/2 inch seam allowance, leaving a small opening. Next, I turned it right-side-out, and using the large seam allowance, I sewed a 1/4 inch border around the whole thing to close up the hole and give it a flatter, finished edge.
flannel baby burp cloths

I can’t wait for my nephew to enjoy my DIY sewing projects! What DIY baby projects have you made?

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